Cartoon Hot Rod Showcase

I never got around to posting this, so I guess I’ll post it now :spin:. I made a Cartoon Hot Rod showcase animation. Inspired by the look of the Deora II hot wheels car and the curves of the Blender logo:

Its engine is awesome. And at the end it gonna wild! I really like the fire.

reminds me on the good old hot wheels days. and the start is awesome.

Thanks man! The fire was actually done in only a day cuz I was scrambling to get this done before the deadline, but I’m glad you like it!

Thanks! I loved hot wheels as a kid and this was definitely inspired by that lol

WIP thread here:

cool things to note: I made a totally awesome material for the car paint but it didn’t show up well in the final render :confused: but my SSS rubber tires did! (the tires looked plastic before SSS)

I had this totally awesome compositing node setup that rendered blue fog based on zdepth and did some color correction. Mist didn’t work because I had clouds in the scene and due to time constraints I didn’t want too many passes. Also sometimes I feel like with too many passes one get’s a “I’ll fix it in post” mentality which can be bad.

also here’s a fun viewport render that’ll give a good idea of how this was broken down:

WOW, the engine really looks awesome.

Hahah… Great animation!
And nice model too.

Very nice! I like the background/environment.

thanks ya’ll! the engine was supposed to be some sort of hybrid futuristic/gas engine that I came up with