Cartoon intro for Blender meeting in Wrocław, Poland 2011

Hi, I’d like to share with you my last short film, done in blender in about a 7 days.

Here’s the link



Cool style. I like the combination of 3d and 2d.
Does the 7 days include modeling and rigging the character too?
Either way it’s inspiring to see what you can accomplish in a week when you’re inventive. Nice work.

Very nice style. :slight_smile:

Before I decided to make that short I had only the textured character without bones and shape keys.
I’m glad u like that style too!

I’m sending also girls head sketch and very first storyboard.


Is that avatar a naked fat boy ? and a ? whats on his wiwi ?

that’s a fig leaf and as u see that’s a obese boy - u’r right

Nice style.

I’m proud of myself, that my intro is a winner of competition, here’s link;topicseen#new


really nice movie and grats for the winning!! hey is good to see that there are this kind of meeting in poland since im going to live in Warsaw after the summer! I really need some blender comunity there :smiley:

awesome, i like this style. careful execution…:slight_smile:

link to making of:

That rig looks pretty good, particularly the control between squash and stretch, especially in the torso. Are the facial controls completely bone driven?
This making of was really cool. I’m prepping a short-film project myself with the goal of a tight deadline so this gives me some good ideas. Thanks!

no, there are also shape keys for eyelids, eyebrows and some for lips is well

Cute little animation, I especially love character design. Great style!