Cartoon intro sequence WIP

Continuing the discussion from My first character for cartoon I’m making:

The scene will start pitch black.

a phone will light up with an alarm buzzing ( camera will be centered and zoomed in on phone)

(Camera pans out and you hear tapping noises) hand slaps around desk trying to find snooze button.

Hand slaps snooze button. Buzzing stops

Silence for one second

Character whispers “shit”

Music starts

Proceed to scene 2

I still have to had some stuff to the scene. Obviously all the labels and maybe a window behind the night stand and a texture for the blanket. The phone will have a different layout that is just a test image to get an idea of what it’ll look like.

So basically what’s happening is the alarm goes off and the character is trying to find the snooze button. It’s far from done obviously but this is the first scene to the opening title of the cartoon. The arm will look better when the blanket is covering it again. Idk if I like the hand at the end but change that a little. Gonna make one or more of the cans fall and maybe something else move

Added the blanket,
Changed the glass cup,
Added texture to the cans and lotion bottle.

Still need to add a couple more textures I’m probably gonna change the lamp to a different one and I feel like the arm is still a little too stiff so gonna add more motion to that

Gonna call this scene done and start on scene two I’m pretty happy with this scene as it is right now I’ll render it with a higher sampling later but that’s about it.

Now to work on scene 2 running out the door

Working on the environment for scene 2 of my Cartoons intro.
the entire intro sequence will go as follows:
1- Wake Up from alarm trying to find snooze button
2- Running out the house late for work
3- Pulling out of the driveway
4- Sitting in traffic
5- Parking in the parking lot
6- Walking from the parking lot to work while showing the title of the cartoon

So obviously videos above are of scene 1 and here is a pic of the environment of scene 2 so far. Please tell me what you think good or bad :slight_smile:

Still several things I need to add such as a doorbell, door handles and lock and a door mat. the camera will actually pan to the left during the animation follow the character as he rushes out the door late for work so there will be more things as the camera pans left such as a window, maybe a garage door or garbage cans not too sure yet what all ill put in there but please let me know if you have any ideas :slight_smile: thank you all for taking the time to look at my post and happy blending!