Cartoon intro WIP

This is the first scene of the intro for a cartoon I’m making. The whole intro sequence is waking up for work; the sequence goes as follows:
1- waking up from alarm
2- running out the door late for work
3- pulling out of the driveway
4- sitting in traffic on the freeway
5- parking in the parking lot
6- walking from the car to work while showing the title of the cartoon

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Working on the environment for scene 2 of my Cartoons intro.
So obviously video above is scene 1 and here is a pic of the environment of scene 2 so far. Please tell me what you think good or bad :slight_smile:

Still several things I need to add such as a doorbell, door handles and lock and a door mat. the camera will actually pan to the left during the animation follow the character as he rushes out the door late for work so there will be more things as the camera pans left such as a window, maybe a garage door or garbage cans not too sure yet what all ill put in there but please let me know if you have any ideas :slight_smile: thank you all for taking the time to look at my post and happy blending!

This is a low detail Eevee render; the final render will be done in cycles. I love having Eevee to render scenes like these quickly to see what the animation will look like. Please tell me what you think of this so far. I’ve modified this specific scene like 10 times now and I’m liking it better and better but it’s still not there for me yet. I think I might need to add some more head movement and slow him down a little bit. His motion turning out of the door seems a little robotic too so I need to work on that a little.