cartoon-like old man...

Yes, i know I’m not very good in blender yet, but I’m getting better. I made this using the sculpt tools just for fun, but it turned out so well (by my standards anyway) that i want to do something with it. I’m not sure quite what yet, but in the meantime, i have a few questions:

A: I haven’t found any very good sculpting tutorials for faces yet that tell me how to do this, so how do you create a mouth? It’s probably one of my weakest points when it comes to making heads, because the lips always turn out funny.

B: After inflating and overinflating the nose again and again, i began to realize that my overall polygon count was getting absurd, just to keep the nose from looking like a bunch of rectangles. Is there a way to add multiers to one part of an object, while keeping the others how they are already?

C. Heheh, this is the best face I’ve done so far, and i kinda want to put it in a scene of some kind. Any suggestions?:smiley:

oh come on, i know it’s not the best, but nobody? surely someone must have an answer to at least one of my questions…

A: mouths are tough especially in sculpt. Lots of people take the view that it’s best to sculpt the mouth in an open position so that you can get the brushes in.

B: this is a common problem if you’re just diving in and using sculpt as a sketchbook…
It’s a lot of work, but a common workflow is to sketch as you have done untill you’re happy with an over all shape, then to create a completely new mesh using the retopo tools. The new mesh should be built with topology and edge loops in mind. ( see the blender wiki for the use if this tool)… you then take this new mesh and multires it and sculpt more details on what should be now a much more efficient mesh.

C) maybe give him a neck and shoulders at the least? don’t really know what kind of scene you’d want1