Cartoon/Painted-On Eyes

Hey guys,

So I’m trying to make a porcelain doll and I’m trying to make eyes that look like they’re painted onto a smooth face, like Bo Peep from Toy Story. I also need to be able to animate them. I’ve posted about this before, and tried what people said, but couldn’t get a good result. I’m including the .blend and a quick picture of the head to give you an idea of what I’m working with. If you could help me out, I’d hugely appreciate it. Thanks!


Porcelain.blend (482 KB)

I took a quick look at your model. You may be thinking of getting away with just painting the eye, but the model is in 3D. If you just paint the eye, and look at the head from the side, eye will look flattened out. It will not look good. For 3D toon type model to work, you do need to define that eye in 3D.

To define eye socket geometry, you simply don’t have enough polygons there; just 4. So as a test, I subdivided 4 edges to make a loop cut within that area. That gave me 10 polygons all around to work with:

I’m okay with it looking a little off, but the picture below is the kind of result I’m looking for.


I did a mock up of one with regular eyes. What do you think?


It’s getting there.

But for toon eye like you want, eye needs to be flattened just like your example image. It’s easy to do it by using Lattice modifier over the eyeball. What’s neat about the modifier approach is that you can rotate the eyeball like a sphere and the pupil will go with it.

Oh now that’s exactly what I need. I’ve heard of using lattice modifiers, but have never done it. Are there any good tutorials for using them with eyes?

I don’t know of good tutorial for Lattice. But the basic is not all that complex. Make a sphere for eyeball. Duplicate the sphere, scale it up a little, and form eyelid over the eyeball. Make two, one for upper and lower eyelid. All three 3D origin need to stay in one place for rotating the eyelid and eyeball

Now add Lattice Object; it is one of the objects you can add like mesh. In edit mode the lattice will act exactly like regular mesh. Scale it up to fit around the eye. Under Object Data buttons you can set the number of subdivisions so that you can control its shape; U, V, and W numbers. Look at the Lattice around my setup.

Back to eyeball, add Lattice Modifier on it and point it to Lattice. The lattice around it will influence the eyeball form. Do the same for both eyelids.

Finally add Empty, pull it away in front of the eyeball. And add Track to constraint so that when you move the Empty eyeball will follow. Since Lattice is a deformer as you point your eye around the pupil image will deform as well. But as you can see it does not deform as much.

Different way of doing the pupil may be to just project it on to the eyeball object. Then you can make your eye even flatter.

Thank you! That’s just what i needed! I’ll play with it and see if I can get anything good.

What do you think about this? I don’t think it looks very “painted on,” but I’m starting to be okay with it.