Cartoon pencil

Hello, this is my first work of 2014. A friendly cartoon pencil. Rendered in cycles 1 000 samples (25 min). Hope you enjoy :eyebrowlift:

Nice work, I like the design

Thank’s :evilgrin:

Haha… so funny!
Good job!

Wonderful piece, love the style of this! Great job and keep it up :smiley:

Thank you! I’m very glad you enjoyed it.:o

really nice but looks kina gross;)

Thank’s :yes:

I think the eraser part has way to much specularity, it should be quite dull imo, all the rest looks good, I would also make the yellow paint less specular than the metal, if all the model has pretty much the same specular power/roughness things looks too uniform and this makes the character less appealing.

Take a closer look the eraser has probably 0 spec, or very little with a big size and very blurry,
the metal has high specularly, and the spec size is small, and the paint has a little amount of spec almost nothing really but still it should have something.

Your eraser and the non painted wood should have the same specular settings, your wood looks really good so just make the eraser the same way and lower the spec on the yellow paint and all will look a lot better.

ok, thank’s for the tips! :evilgrin: