Cartoon Plugin Fails Blender

I am trying to use the Cartoon plugin in the Sequencer and blender keeps crashing. I am using 2.49b on Windows XP. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem and how do I fix it?


I bet you are using it on a scene strip… and you got the plugin from the repository. The problem is that many of the plugins in the repository are not updated to be float buffer aware and a scene strip has float buffers - this will cause blender to crash.

the quick and dirty way to get around it is to just render the scene and save it. Then load the img sequence (or video) into the VSE and use the plugin on it.

I did update the code for the cartoon plugin a while back (and added a few enhancements) but you would need to either know to compile plugins for windows, or find someone that is willing to compile it for you because I don’t have a windows computer. Let me know and I can upload the sources to my site and post a link to the source codes.

BTW: after I updated the cartoon plugin, I decided to code my own toon plugin because I really wanted a better effect… you might like it better :eyebrowlift: