Cartoon... Realisim?

An expirement of Something in between cartoon and realisim… Not really sure what to make of it. Sculpted in an hour, then threw in an eye and eyelid stuff I box modeled in thirty mins, kinda not professional doing it that way, but for a single shot image It didn’t really matter. The skin looks bad on bottom of the neck, I mostly lit it for the face… Anyway. Not sure where I want to go with this style, and a lot of critique is appreciated. if the bg is to white and makes the image really dark, try viewing it on cgsoceity here:

the model’s great
but he looks cross eyed

is that intentional?
maybe the eye sockets aren’t symmetrical enough
if you look straight ahead - the iris sits in the middle where the eye lids are the widest

but you should be proud dude :slight_smile:

Thank you! the eye cross was not intentional lol, his eyes are tight together, and theres a lot of openess around the edge, which I should probably taper off. I’ll go work on that now and post an image in a min or two.

alright there we go.

nice one

much better - now he isn’t like one of those people that you don’t know which eye to look at