cartoon references


I’m looking for (front & side) reference drawings for cartoon bodies and heads.

I want to learn the general shapes and features for modelling a toon figure.

If you have any, could you please share them.

EDIT: They don’t have to be nude.


OTO’s Stella


This will be very useful for me but I am still looking for various reference pictures (front and side) in various shapes and sizes.


I’m not sure what kind of models you want, but I’m sure you can find a lot of references or even 3D models with a simple Google search. Here’s what I found in less than 10 seconds:

They are 3D Studio models. You can import them in Blender and study them.

most toons are just glorified spheres and tubes, but there is no one formula, since styles are varied. probably the most standard of them is disney style.

Google for “modelsheet” and “disney”