Cartoon Rendering

I’m using the Edge render option, but whatever I do, I can’t change the edge’s color.

And by the way, what does the Back buf button do? :o

[edit] I turned on Unified render and the color changed. But I still don’t know what Back buf does?

backbuf enables rendering of an image behind the 3D scene.


If I turn it on, nothing gets rendered… (Always the same image) :-?

sorry, wasn’t clear enough (though correct):

over the “Backbuf” button there are three text fields. one is a field where you can type in the path/name of the image you want to appear in the bg.

generally, for such questions regarding the user interface buttons, it’s a very good idea to first look over to where you’ll find the documentation.

O!! A background! Thanks for teaching me.

…or the documentation here

hope this helps,

Well, where is it then, in that documentation? (I couldn’t find it in the Render section)