Cartoon security gorilla

This is a character I’m currently working on that I hope to eventually rig and get animated. Any C+C most welcome !!. :smiley:


That’s very nice. I bet donkeyKong can’t even get in :wink:

very nice. All except for that line going vertically across him. If it’s meant as chest mark… I can understand. However, you could still shorten it or make it less deep?

That is the mirror line. You model half and later join them together.
Really nice on the model. You might want to check out the fingers. They get small toward the end.

is getting funny, keep it nice


is he gonna wear a suit? and sunglasses!

Thanks for the replys

foCus: :smiley: lol !!
Giangmatrix: I think I see what you mean about the fingers, the fingers could do with thickening up a bit more especially where they join the hands. I’m on it !!
HellBok: Cheers, I’ll try
M-K: nope, I can’t stand wearing suits so I ain’t going to inflict that on him.

I’ll try and update it shortly.