Cartoon Shark

hi guys

Here is a cartoon shark, its was part on an old scene made on Maya, years ago that am redoing now with Blender obviously. More will come in the next few days.

While am here, when I import a model as Link and do a Make Proxy, so I can scale it and reposition it, if I do some changes in the original 3D file, how do I update the linked version? Hope my question is clear :confused:.


Nice topo, and Iā€™m a fan of the style. When I reopen a file, my proxies are updated, although there might be a better solution.
Looking forward to some textures and animations :slight_smile:


Hi guys

The last few days I have been seeting up the scene with more elements. It is still a WIP. Many elements are still missing but it gives an idea of the final image. Texturing will be the last thing to be done.


Oh so cute!..(or cartoonish):D.