Cartoon Sheep

Hi, i’m modeling a sheep for an animation but it ain’t looking right to me, the face and body are ok, but the legs are too strange, I don’t know if they’re too short or what, just that there’s something wrong.

Would you guys please help me?.. You can critique other aspects if you think it’s necessary. (not light ant materials)

Thanks a lot!!

Yeah, you’re right. Maybe make them the same width all the way through?

I made the legs the same width and it looks even more weird :rolleyes: hehe…

The legs need to be thicker. Look at the size of his torso compared to them. It looks like they’ll snap if he tries to walk.

Also, maybe try having the wool come up the legs & arms a little to blend them with the torso.

I’d suggest adding in a little more detail to the bones. Your goal is a cartoon style sheep, but even just adding a small amount of detail could help. Sheep have that backwards knee thing going on, which might make him look kind of wierd. Try adding a more human knee and see how it looks. I think the hooves could use more detail as well.

Love the wool though!

Just did some modifications, uploading a few images so you can see…

I’m more satisfied with it, though some changes may be done…

Please tell me what you guys think of it…

Thanks a lot

lol, fat sheep. I think the wool covering the bits of the legs looks better, but he (?) looks really fat cause of how wide his (?) legs are

yes I know he looks fat, but that’s purposeful… He will be a drunk, lazy, fat sheep.

arms and legs need to be shorter and fatter

I thought of making 'em shorter and fatter but I think that that’d make it a less funny sheep. And also, he’s too fat, if he had shorter arms he wouldn’t be able to grab something on a table for example, without touching his belly on it… It’s gonna be hard to animate it this way, shorter arms and legs would make it even harder.

Thanks a lot for your comment

Really great character. I am looking for progress.

thanks man!