cartoon sketch

i did this tonight, a pretty quick sketch done with paper and pencil. i was aiming for a cartoony feel.
what do you think? if i had a wacom tablet i would try and color it in photoshop.but for now its just pencil and paper for me :slight_smile:

Look’s very nice well better then what I can do somtime’s when I do a sketch and I am going to model it I don’t know what my sketch is suppose to be somtime’s o.O ( joking )

Your sketch look’s nice frig do you plan on making the real thing on blender ? if so I would love to see it :wink:


hah, no i dont think ill make it in blender :). well, at least not today.

I like to draw too (check my avatar)

That’s really cool; you SHOULD make that in blender

Good sketch, but the characters seem kind of stiff. Maybe it’s an army thing, but it would help if there was a slight bend in the knees.