Cartoon Spain

(Madrid82) #1

Hi all,

This is my latest artwork, inspired in Spain.
Modeling in Maya 2016, texturing and render in Cycles Blender 2.78. 5200 samples, 2304 x 1296 resolution.

Visit my blog for HD:

Hope you like it.

Final render



(julperado) #2

Beautiful work as always man. It looks a bit like a small colombian villa, I love it!

(foxrender) #3

That looks beautiful, good work dude.:eyebrowlift2:

(theApe) #4

This work is so inspirational to me. Love the style.

(Madrid82) #5

Thank you very much friends:

Julperado: Nice to see you here friend! Yes, it could be a small village in any place in South America or Spain. Gracias mi hermano!

Foxrender: Thank you very much friend, I am glad you like it!

BrilliantApe: I am happy if my artwork inspires you, thank you very much friend.

(antoni4040) #6

Looks great! I would love to see something similar with a few windmills, a knight on a horse and a fat guy on a donkey, if you know what I mean…:stuck_out_tongue:

(ffuturezx) #7

Bueno senior!

(pixl) #8

Whaou! like it!

(JoniMercado) #9

Great stuff!

(Madrid82) #10

Thank you very much!

-Antoni4040: thanks friend! Jaja, yes, I know…Don Quijote! Thank you very much for comment!

-Ffuturezx: gracias amigo!

-Pixl: thanks Pixl! I love your artworks!

JoniMercado: thanks Joni!