Cartoon style Santa (Updated)

Hi folks. I’m currently working on a new design for a distributor for some sort of Kidsmenu boxes similar to those known from i.e. Mc Donald’s, Burger King etc.

I’m working on the design for christmas this year and we decided to try out 3D models as this seems to be the trend. Up until now we used digital hand painted comic strips.

This is a wip of the first character to be used in the set. C&C welcome. Especially about what you think of the comic style.

Ps.: I’ll post updates as the work progresses


Here is a little update, showing the progress i’m making…

I like it! give him some rosy cheeks and a skin texture.

Thanks. I certainly will. The are no textures by now.
First i will complete all Characters and the rigging and then i will start painting the textures.

btw: here is another update:

I like it, but maybe you have too much detail for a “toon” santa.

especially the beard.

just my opinion;)

yes, i thought about that too. It’s quite hard for me to decide what is enough and what is too much. The result i’m trying to achieve is not really a toon style. I don’t know how to explain. I want some funny “cartoonish” look. But it should still be recognizable as 3D.

Maybe a second character i started 2 hours ago shows off better what i mean. It is also far away from being complete but i think it goes into the right direction.
It’s the 3D model of a snake i already used on some of the designs for my client.
It has to be included into the christmas design allthough a snake has nothing to do with christmas but it has become some kind of “trademark” appearing somewhere on all of the designs. You could call it some kind of running gag.

Here is another little update:

I was a little annoyed by modelling, so i started to unwrap santa’s face and painting his textures and bumpmaps.
One little modelling update was done though. I converted the eyes to ones similar to the pixar ones.

What do you think so far?

BTW: For those who are interested. It’s a 4096x4096 texture in 2 layers. one for the colors and one for the bumps.

The skin texture is quite good, but the bump-mapped beard makes it look a kind of cheap.
And what is the thing between his left eye (on the right side) and the nose?

this is just some unlucky lighting. it’s a shadow :slight_smile:

About the beard: this will change. it has not been textured yet.

And i just made another little update to the last picture. i changed the eyes a bit so that they look more alive. i added a light cloud texture to the eyes which i use as normal map to slightly distort the surface of the eyes. This gives a nicer and more natural reflection of the light and don’t look that uniform anymore.

The “thing” is a shadow! Very nice model. The texturing’s definitely getting there. His eyes are too far apart. The space between each eye should be equal to the width of one eye. Are you going to give him hair?

You are right about the distance between the eyes. I will change that later.
About the hair, i’m still thinking about this. Maybe i will do this for fun, but the problem is the budget for this job and the “a bit” simplistic look the customer wants and the deadline of cause. :slight_smile: But it would surely be fun to give him hair and a real beard.

So, just for the fun of it…

Santa with a “real” beard: :slight_smile:

And a closeup… (Btw: i now put the eyes somewhat closer together as dodgydave mentioned.) I have to admit that this looks much better :slight_smile:

Here comes another one.
I think santa’s face is quite finished now.
Wow. Never spend so much time on a characters facial details.
Until now i almost only did product visualizations in Blender.

As you can see around the eyes and the ears, i added fake SSS using the Script from the makehuman project.

I repainted the texture of the lips and painted some fine veins on them…

Santa’s head in whole. I also added some slightly blurred color difference filter in the node editor to adjust the mood of the picture a little bit.

So, i think this will be all for today.

Greets Linny.

It’s a-lookin’ very nice. Very nice indeed. The red glow around his eyes is a little strange. But, overall, very nice.

Thanks a lot. You are right about the red glow. it looks a bit unnatural. It’s the result of the SSS Script. I thought about repainting the vertex color light by hand a bit. The problem was, if i turned down the strength of the SSS the rest was too weak. Hmmm.