Cartoon to 3D model

Hey guys, you may or may not have read a post I started a while back asking for tips on topology for a character i was working on. I thought i’d start a new one with an update to what i was working on :slight_smile:

Im working on a school project where i have to make a one minute animation from start to finish. Below is my model that i would like to animate. I just want to get some general feedback :slight_smile:

Here are some expressions i created with shape keys, just to figure out her character :slight_smile:

And this is a side-by-side comparison of the original drawing and my model :slight_smile:

Neck is too long…but overall a nice model.

Thanks! I see it now! Will fix it ASAP x)

The limbs and the neck are just a bit too skinny as well. Not by much, though. And the arms are a wee bit too long. The face proportion is a bit rounder than the original drawing. You have a sort of younger sister vibe going on now, rather than an identical twin. But your model is super cute, so unless you’re going to be graded on the exact likeness of your model to the drawing, I wouldn’t change anything about the face.

Even if you were being graded on the likeness, you’d get an A instead of an A+ for that aspect. Focus on the animation, and don’t be afraid to exaggerate your girl’s expression shape keys. You can always dial them back, but they won’t look so good if you try to overshoot.

Thanks for the feedback! really really much appreciated! ill apply your suggestions asap!

  • Thicken the limbs
  • Shorten the neck
  • Leave the face alone!:smiley:

I did a test rig with riggify earlier today and it was a complete mess. Rigging is horrifying, ill dive headfirst into it once I’m done making the changes you have suggested :slight_smile:

now watching hundreds of rigging tutorials! x) will keep you posted :slight_smile:

By the way I checked out your link to the “Cartoon Girl Shelly” and i must say it will be an invaluable resource for me when i come to creating a walk cycle for Alyssa!