Cartoon Walk Animation (Edge Rendering)

This is a kind-of WIP test of the edge rendering feature in Blender. Pretty simple really, just trying out some weird animation (i.e. unrealistic walkcycle!). I’m thinking of making it more interesting with some particle effects.

Here it is on good 'ole Google Video:

Let me know what you think!

(Thanks to Jan Morgenstern for the music!)

Pretty good(yeah, the animation is a little iffy)
Ive got a walk cycle in my WIP(Link in my signature) Check it out!(and while you there check out my project, i still need to hear wut people think)
Keep up the good work! Oh, and would you mind hosting your movies for download?Its easier for me to see them that way

Thanks. Usually its faster streaming with Google Videos, but I’ll upload other videos in the future if you insist!:smiley:

Anyone else have any comments?

yearh ver cool. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I’ve now added some more to this animation, the general animation is still a bit iffy but I was never going for realistic animation! Anyway I’ve uploaded the video to Google Videos: (click here to view). I’ll be uploading my own hosted version soon.