Cartoon whale

Hi, this guy is my first ‘character’ for a little animation project I’ve set myself - a cartoon(ish) whale - currently nameless. Anyway, as you see I’ve not quite figured out the whole texture thing yet! That mottled effect is supposed to fade between the top and bottom and I can’t quite achieve that yet.
Anyway, all constructive criticism gratefully accepted!



Hey! it’s a nice start!
The eyes need some work, think that the personality of a cartoon resides a lot in the eyes.
Some improvements to color/texturing would be good. And there are some edge too visible in its head, needs some smoothing.


Nice model!
You can probably achive that with a blend texture set to stencil.

Nice start. it definately has a certain charm to it. I would say make the eyes bigger it makes it easier to read the emotions of the character. Plus go around and break the boxy form of the whale a bit. As for texturing it looks like a simple model so I would say there is no better time to learn how to paint textures, it’s usually the way to go if you want absolute control over apperance. Unwrap the whale and paint away. I hope to see more of this whale