Cartoon Whale

This is a cartoon whale that I am working on.

I don’t see an eye unless that’s what the white part is. I think it would add a lot of expressiveness to add/finish the eye.

Here is an update on my progress.

…lol. It’s quite good - although I am not happy about the serated teeth. The young 'uns may find “human” teeth a bit more friendly.

I agree with kbot about the teeth but it does look good. Keep up the good work!

The teeth do look like the pictures I’ve seen of sperm whales. They do tend to make the character look a bit angry I think in my opinion. Depends on what this character is intended to do. I think the eye is too far back and low. Please note the eye location in this photo:

It doesn’t look like he’s going for a sperm whale, but more of a killer whale shape… seeing how it has lower eyes and that bottlenose shape.

Kris I do see what you mean. The Teeth make sense as Killer Whale too. However, the eye still should me closer to the mouth and higher up. See how in this photo the eye is just behind the corner of the mouth and up slightly. I think if the eye were moved the total look would change - seem more friendly. Atariman, what kind of whale did you have in mind?

Here’s what I mean.

I give him a little creative freedom since this is definitely a cartoon shape overall, but I do see your point about the eye. Moving it up some wouldn’t disrupt the cartoon style.

The new one looks moe realistic