Cartoon Wild West

Hi! This is my last project, a cartoon scene inspired by Old West. Blender 2.73, Cycles render, Gimp. 5200 samples, 2304 x 1436. I hope you like it.

Full size:

This looks great

Really cool! love your style of art, would love to see a short film created around your scene!

Sweet from modeling to texturing. Well done. I’m jealous.

yes, will done style, good render:
-composition wise the round columns are odd, they don’t mesh will with everything rectangular.
-the far roof is very bright makes you concentrate on it.
-center hue is cold and sides are warm which i don’t like it, i think it should be warm in the middle cold outside.

but lovely style.

That texturing is amazing!! Great work! I agree, a short film is in demand :smiley:

Beautiful scene man, I love it.

Your style is pretty cool, and I have to agree with what others said, this should be animated!

A really great scene… I would really encourage others to check out the full rez link to get a much better appreciation.

Nice scene - I like your visuals and style for this particular setting. Would be nice for a short film as others suggested.

Very good work!

Hey MAdrid,

AAllways outputing fantastic environement.
I love your style, nice job on this one

Great sense of design. I’ve looked at the other stuff on your blog. You have this talent to make everything cute. And it goes amazingly well with the (almost) photo-realism of the textures. Good job.

-Fedeberg: Thank you very much for your comment!

-Webhead: Thank you very much friend. Your video tutorials are very good, I learn with them!

-Elsdon: I like very much your comment, thanks for it.

-bat3a: Very good observations. All you say is true. I knew these things, but I could not make it better because there was some matters (the saloon had to be brown, and the hdri enviroment texture shined more than the space). Thank you very much for your constructive comments.

-NID Graphics: Thanks friend! Well, Really I couldn´t make a short film with it because only this render was 60 hours, imagine 240 frames jeje. Thank you very much.

-Julperado: Thank you very much Julian, and very good works in your behance page, I love “Hellboy”.

-Harleynut97: Thank you very much and I am glad because you apreciate the HD resolution. Thanks friend.

-Pashm: I am happy because you like the cartoon style of my artwork, thank you very much.

-Andrea.ailic: Thank you very much for comment!

-Pieriko: Hi Pierrick! Thank you very much my friend like always.

-Ristesekuloski: Thank you very much, your comment is very encouraging for me, because you like my photo realistic textures with cartoon style, thanks friend!

Another stricking image, How many time you spend on this master piece :)?

-Joseperez: thank you very much Jose! I have been working in this project one month more or less. Thank you very much friend.

I want to say Thank you very much to Blenderartists for the TopRow. It is an honor for me because there are very good artworks here. Congrats to all and thank you very much.


really awesome!

This is FANTASTIC work!! Keep it up! I love it!! :cool:

Outstanding. 5 Stars.

Congrats on the top row feature yet again :smiley: Very well deserved.

Love the style. I started thinking about the animated movie Rango. Congrats.