does anybody know how to make a cartoony guy?

Start by looking at the toon shaders under diffuse and specular in materials and the edge-effects stuff in the render settings, maybe. Check the wiki on materials and render settings for more on that.

download the mancandy rig, and render him with toon settings and a toon shader. that would look pretty toony to me, and then you have a poseable animateable character that can do all sorts of cartoooonish things.

wouldn’t that be taking somebody elses model?

it’s free, as in free to use and build on and grow and innovate and explore and jump start your work on your very own toon guy.

Or download and use MakeHuman to give you a cartoon character mesh, render it with toon settings, and you have your own toon guy. (but you’ll have to rig it). Or transfer the mancandy rig (actually there are a few rigs out there to use, Mancandyis just one example, and might be a little complex to start with). Search BlenderNation for Rigs

you mean it’s just the basic mesh? and then you add to it to make your own model?

For some ideas on how to go about modelling a toon:


thanks, but is there one that shows how to make the whole body of a cartoon?

This is more related to animation than modelling, but If you are searching for a very simple and efficient armature to rig your character when you’ll have modelled it, I have recently posted a Blend on the thread linked here under:

Blenders allows very efficient and simple rigging, but for an unknown reason, most of the animators use very complicated methods like Otto armature or Ludvig.

For my own, I have built SAM. I have choosen this name , because from my point of view, it is the Simplest Armature Man.

SAM’s armature is built using Inverted Hierarchy kinematics ,avoiding totally and easily the slipping effect,and is perfectly usable with the new curve Modifier system in the NLA to make your character follow curves.
SAM’s feet are made of very few bones allowing every motion you could need, and also the control of the leg aperture by moving only the lowers bone of the foot.
Using MakeHuman and SAM’s armature, you can rig quickly your own character by only changing the bones dimensions in edit mode.
You will find more explanations and some pictures in this thread :

[ y+kinematics]( y+kinematics)

I have included a blend file showing SAM’s legs and feet.
I hope that you will find it usefull.

Wow! that’s great roubal! thanks so much!

ddub, you are beign a little vague. I would do reasearch on modeling in general, and then specific to blender, and then think of what kind of style you would like to model in (Cartoon i’m guessing :)) and then take a crack at it, post your try here, and ask for pointers, and ask for help on specific questions.
that should get you better results :).
good luck!


Does this do ya?

It says it’s about character animation, but it starts with modeling and rigging and the example that the person makes is approaching cartoonish.

thanks everybody!
StarWeaver: thanks for the great tut. Now I don’t have to create a nose or ears 'cause he looks fine without them. Would it be okey for me to use it (with a little bit of changes) though?