Cartooney Camping Scene

This is my first creation with Blender that I am happy enough with to ask for advice.
Its OK if you’re harsh, I made this while sick and on medication, so maybe its not as good as I hope.
I am curious to know if there is a way to make shadows with both shaders set to “toon”, I haven’t had much luck as you can see. I am also wondering if I can get rid of the stars that are low in the sky, since you wouldn’t really see them with the sun going down, but you would see them at the “top” of the sky. Also, in case you’re curious, the yellow blob to the left is a tent.
Thanks for any advice/help.

im thinking…the scene needs to be smaller…its hard to tell whats goin on…maybe crop the imageg a bit, or zoom in farther on the characters and such i dunno…

I like your scene but the I dont understand what the thing to the right of the dead tree is, and the pine tree on the right does not suit the style for the rest of the scene.

I have to say this is a great piece of work. It reminds me of a pinball machine my family owns that was built by Williams Entertainment in the 50’s or 60’s. Its a scene of a western sunset and some gold miners. The machine is called “Jackpot”. Still works today! Also reminds me of Modron’s speghetti western scene he made for the WC several months ago. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I’ve changed some stuff so that you can now tell that the thing near the tree is a tent and added some various details. I think overall the image has improved. Hope you still like it Desoto, even though I changed it.

Beautifull :slight_smile: the sun isn’t “eclatant” (we have the impression that the light arrive by the horizon and not by the sun. The blue square on the camp is odd.

Good continuation :slight_smile: