Cartoonic hand modeling

(This is my first post here btw, if i mess something up sorry)
So i was trying to model a cartoon hand for my anthropomorphic model yesterday and i kinda got stuck for around 30 minutes, the results weren’t great and i wanna know how can i properly do it, this is how the hand is supposed to look like:
Can anyone please help me with it?

Hmmm… this may sound like a strange suggestion, but maybe you should try building the hand from Plasticine?

I think the problem you’re having is… I’m not sure if this hand even works in 3D. Having said that - LOADS of 2D characters get converted into 3D that you wouldn’t have thought would be possible - courage the cowardly dog for instance.

That’s why I’d say to start by modelling the hand in Plasticine - in a neutral pose. It will help you understand what shape the hand is.

2D characters are sometimes not physically correct or realist
so hard to get a 3D equivalent!

show us what you got with some pics then we might try to help

happy bl

sorry, i’m new and i couldn’t be able to add more than 1 images, but here’s what i have so far:

(if i’m not being descriptive enough sorry i’m not usually used to ask for help on forums) this is what i have so far and i tried to model the hands, but i couldn’t get a satisfying result

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple hand: I think this is a good starting point for the hands of your character.