cartoonish character.. foguy

(kaktuswasse) #1


In the last 2 days I made this cute cartoon-character. He’s already fully rigged :slight_smile:
cya henrik

(paradox) #2

Looks great. Since he is rigged now you can animate him.

(digitalSlav) #3

love the eyes man

maybe turn the surfs up another notch - wish i had a better connection to see the anim when it’s ready.

(kaktuswasse) #4

ok, here is a little walkcycle-test. There are still some problems with the arms.
I played a bit with the sequence-editor as well, hehe, that probably cost more time then making the walkcycle :wink:

cya henrik

(Fareton) #5

Looking nice…
The belly needs some more smoothing though.

To the walk, it looks nice, but when he steps down he keeps himself down maybe a bit too long.

What about…are we getting a long 2 hour Pixar movie out of him some time near? :wink:

(kaktuswasse) #6

thanks for your crit!

Here’s an update:
hehe, maybe you get an 2 hour movie… in 20years :wink:
cya henrik

(sten) #7

Qute character :slight_smile:

nice to follow your character animaiton progress…
soon you will probably way better than me :wink:

(Fareton) #8

Only 19 years 364 days and 21 hours…

sits and waits

(seval) #9

Nice. Looks like he is bouncing to the music… Ever see the movie “Saturday Night Fever”. I was playing the sample for one of my friends to the song “Staying Alive” with the animation on loop…very amusing.

(kaktuswasse) #10

lol, have to test that :smiley:

(kaktuswasse) #11

here’s another update(i hope you dont get bored so much):
cya henrik

(kaktuswasse) #12

ok, another update. Now with hip-moving.
cya henrik

(S68) #13


last is very nice!


(kaktuswasse) #14


(sten) #15

looking better and better… :slight_smile: