Cartoonish Flowers

I made this last night, it’s my first model I’ve finished that looks cartoonish and I really like how it looks.

I just wanted some comments on it.

  1. to get rid of the shadows turn off shadow in the lamps or don’t use raytracing.

  2. images are not allowed in signatures.

It looks great!..

Can you tell me how to draw the dark outlines of the image?..

Would love to learn how to cell-shade my images~~

Here’s an old tutorial on cell-shading that Mattiethoma probably used:

Yup, thats the tutorial I used, but I didn’t use their flower model, I did it myself and I’m happy how much they look alike. :slight_smile:

All you really need to do to give it that look is add the colors (I used UV Mapping) and enable the “Edge” button (F10) and set the “Eint”; I put the “Eint” at 255 just because 150 wasn’t good enough.

Here is a great tut on toon-shading

Just use a single Hemi, and it should do the job.