Cartoonish Landscape [Foliage started - 16 July]

Started making this last night (yesterday morning? I can never keep those two straight.). The end product will hopefully be used as scenery in a larger project that I have planned, but even if said larger product comes to no fruition I am enjoying modeling this.

And a close up of the balcony:

That’s some excellent modelling. Kewl style! Looking forward to seeing it textured. :slight_smile:

WOW very good good detail it looks like somthing out of WarCraft

whats the tool for getting the pencilis texture

stylish and clean modeling, looks flashy !

(for me, that’s the spirit of 3d - besides lowpoly goodness - who needs the photorealism anyway - don’t we have photographers for that; will they have to starve ? :wink: )

I like it! nice job

Love the style!!! Please keep going…

Really amazing! I like those toon towers and castles, this is turning out pretty well.

One suggestion : Please dont go for something too bright for the textures …go for oldish looking colours eg: mossed (blackish green) tiles for the roof, etc… uknow :smiley:

Sweet! I like it looking forward t seeing more of it

Thanks for all of the comments, I’m glad everyone seems to like the style. The modeling of the tower is nearly finished. There are at least two more buildings to work on before I begin texturing but the style I am thinking of is a highly stylized slightly cartoony version of realistic textures.

And a close up of the bridge (the main area of new detail):

You rock! Keep it up! :smiley:

very nice style.

But if i may allow myself a small comment, it looks to me like your bridge is symmetrical by the center (english correct???)?
If i am right, this would be not very “cartoon” as mostly cartoon are not symmetrical… i think i should learn english again.
What i mean is that your lanterns pool should be shifted, or changed a little bit, to not look too much identical, especially as they seems to be organical in origin, and nature rarely produce identical objects.

else, looking forward texture too :slight_smile:

wowwww… I love this style of modeling.
Like tim burton.

very nice!

The two sides of the bridge aren’t quite symmetric, but I think you are right in that they look as such without close inspection, something I intend to correct.

Here is an update of the bridge, more anti-symmetry added.
Moving on to the next building…

wow man im a big fan of your work and this i say is your best so far awsome stuff

gimme more! gimme more!

really nice, i love it like that. you cartoon freek :wink:

care to share a secrec on how you did the roof :smiley:

Neat, I have a fan!

The is more cartoon freakiness to come shortly, but for now I am having some trouble with the project, if anyone could help with that I would really appriciate it.

The latest render now that I have my camera fixed.

After looking at it some more I am not sure how I feel about the round windows on the second floor… I think I may look into changing those.

As for the technique I used for the roof it was really quite simple. I made a very basic shingle shape and spin dupped it for each level of the roof. Once all of the basic shingles were in place I fractal subdived them with a level of either 15 or 20, can’t recall, to add the noise to them.