Cartoonish Office Guy

I’ll eventually go back to working on my project with my semi-realistic people(Hank, Jimi Hendrix). I’ve lost interest in that now though. Right now I’m working on a cartoony office guy. My main focus in this is to improve my lighting and animating skills. With a cartoony character, you have more freedom to animate and exaggerate expressions. So, here’s the head so far.

Feel free to comment and crit on it. I’d appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

Minor update: teeth and tongue.

I’m still thinking about whether to give him eyelashes or not. I’ll probably give him glasses too. I’m still not sure about the hairstyle.

i never seace to be amazed by ur work!213

Great stuff. I especially think you did a great job with the, well, I guess the word is “pre-stubble”. You can see the shadow where the beard would come in, which is awesome.

Only thing I see that could use some work, is the cheek structure, the cheeks come out a bit too much in my opinion.

Good stuff.

Thanks, ARABIAN KNIGHT and MartyJ.

MartyJ: I’m still thinking about the cheek structure. I want the face to be exaggerated. If I move the cheeks in, it wouldn’t be by much.

Thanks again. Keep the comments coming.

For animation sake, select the edge of eyelid and extrude in. Also since you are planning to animate, can you post a wire?

This is looking great… as good as your models in your other project. :slight_smile:

I agree with calvin’s points.


Thanks Calvin and Aligorith.

Calvin: I didn’t even notice the eyelid thing. Thanks. Here is the wire. The topology in my faces still isn’t great, but it’s getting better. I’m also getting more efficient with polys. This head has 578 faces, whereas Hank’s head had about 1100.

Thanks again.

Edit: Those aren’t triangles on the upper lip, just oddly shaped quadrilaterals. There are 2 triangles, but they’re behind the ears so I’m not worried.

Looks great. As to the hairstyle, I think he looks like he would have a comb-over.

I gave him some particle hair. I tried using curve guides for the combed over part, but I didn’t get the result I wanted, so I just modeled the hair strands. There would be no point in doing particles anyway because of how few hairs there are on top. Also, I render with and without glasses. So, should the glasses stay or go?

As always, comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. And thanks Xybex.

the corners of his mouth need some work, in a regular human the corners go in. Yours are currently out, google image search for ‘lips’ or ‘mouth’ to see what I mean if you don’t understand.

stay nuf said

looks great man, very nice head shape,

are those your final textures? everything looks great but i would darken the skin slightly and also the inner ear is sticking out a bit too much,

keep those pictures coming i hope you go all the way through with this guy hands, torso, arms ect…

thanks for shareing

Several things about the wire:

  • you’re probably going to need a few more edge loops on the forehead if you are going to animate this
  • also, the topology around (above) the mouth is not ideal

About the glasses:
It depends what you’re doing. But I think it looks nicer with glasses.


Moley: Thanks. I understand. I’ve been meaning to do that since before I started texturing but I got sidetracked.

weedmonkey13: Thanks. I think the glasses will be on him for all of the animation except for one small part.

Highcommander: Thanks. I’m not going to make the skin too much darker because he’s in the office all day and doesn’t get too much sunlight. I will work on the ears, though.

Aligorith: Thanks. I’ll try to work on the topology. The mouth is really messed up.

Thanks everybody.

I fixed a few things on the face and began working on the body.

The body is a little awkwardly shaped, but I;m out of time tonight, so I’ll do it tomorrow.

Oh, sorry about the intensity of the glow. The light inside the office is going to be very intense. Tomorrow I’ll render an image with less glow so you can see his shirt better.

Here’s an update on the body. I’m gonna start rigging him now.

the image doesnt work

Thats heaps cool, kinda reminds me of that guy from Toy Story 2

The inside of the ears is a bit wacky, you may want to examine a real ear,

ARABIAN KNIGHT: Which one? They all work for me.

KingElmo: Thanks. I’m not worried about the ear. To me, it’s good enough for a cartoon. Had I been going for photorealsim, I would have been in trouble.