Cartoonish(real early stage)

Here’s something I started working on today(yay, my 4th day of animating:D) … it’s going to be a kinda cartoonish fat sarcastic guy…I think I did the nib with a big, big detour… separated the chin, ‘unmirrored’ it made the other half of the chin by hand, made it fit, put the particles on… did that cause if I just select the verts and then add the particles… the particles are scattered all over the place so… but I’ll figure out an easier way soon, I’m sure.
I’m just glad the hair-ish thing worked out okay:D


You can set the particular faces to a vertex group and have taht vertex group emit the hair… its an option under the particle section.

I’ll check that out, thnx:)

dropped my projects… on the render my faces don’t show up… so,…

have you tryed flip normals? to do that go to edit>edges> flip normals outside

Update…I know, the eyes suck, bet hell, got 'em done better than the first time i tried:P


The faces that emit particles have a certain setting in the particle buttons called “Mesh.” Click that and it will show the emiting object as well as the hair.

I got that, but thnx anyway :). though, this started out as the noseless and earless wikitut-character…so, it’s mirrored… and when I tell it that it’s got hair, he’s assuming he’s got hair on one side of his face(that’s why the nib, is part of the chin, which i separated from the face to get it done right… I built half of the chin… there has to be an easier way

Most folks simply wait until the modeling is done, then apply the mirror and do the facial hair. That’s why you see so many bald heads with no eyebrows around here (meaning Works in Progress). Once they get hair, they move on to Finished Artwork or the Gallery. One reason people wait to apply the mirror is that doing so gets rid of several things in the model, most notably vertex groups. So if you’ve got hair coming from a vertex group, you apply the mirror, and bam! the hair you worked so hard on is gone.

Damn, you’re not suggesting that I should start again… from scratch huh?

Damn, I need to find a place of my own, blendering at my father’s just doesn’t work… sleeping all day, ordering me to get more beer for m’ when he wakes up, nagging about how he’s always watching the back of my head when I’m on these forums and blendering… I can’t work like this(yes, though I still suck at blender, I consider it my job to… make an attempt on making art and learn everything I can surrounding the subject. drawings, music, films and since last week… blender :D). So, even though it might not be very interesting to you all… I suspect, not much improvement, updates or whatever to my project,… untill I’ll find my own place… and a new computer… which should be a bit faster than my P2 196 Mb Ram :stuck_out_tongue:

BleedForMe, sorry to hear about the home situation. You’ve got a nice style to your art, and from what I can see on these forums, you’re working your ass off to improve.

I’ve discovered you can install Blender on a USB memory stick (after all, the operating system treats it as just another disk drive.) I carry Blender, tutorials, work in progress and reference images around in my pocket, and can work on any computer with the same operating system (WinXP). Currently this includes my old flaky desktop, my laptop, two computers at work, the computer lab at a local university and at a public library.

The limitation is with Python: its installer defaults to drive C:, and I haven’t taken the time to find out how to get it to install elsewhere. So on the systems where I can’t install programs (university and library computer labs) I have to work without Python scripts, but since I don’t use scripts much, I don’t miss them much.

I don’t know if this will help much in your situation, but I would hate to see so much enthusiasm stymied, even temporarilly, by a hardware problem.

I’ll try to get my hands on a USB memory stick then… and …don’t know how to use python(yet) so that’s not a problem :stuck_out_tongue: just… I’m trying to find myself a place here in Amsterdam and there’s waitinglists… up to 15 years, however, seems I have a 34% chance of getting something small… so I figured that’s one in 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I know…really minor changes… but here’s an update :P(eyesockets and… changing the face a bit. And now officially… A week of blending(I’m not counting days I couldn’t work with blender:P).

Planning on making a movie… some day in the far far future. this should be the guy it begins with… tried making a coat/jacket(?) for the main characters(which is probably going to resemble … me:p :smiley: … haven’t tried making me yet… I’ll try when I’m more familiar with the interface). I know the coat sucks big time but I’ll try to put some wrinkles in it n stuff… I’m trying.


looking good :slight_smile:

BUMP! Just found this one on a cd, my loops sucked so bad… I’m not able to retopo it, doesn’t matter though, I might finish it:P