Cartoonist needs a critique

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The first cartoon is highly reminiscent of a Charlie Brown strip (Lucy’s “the doctor is in” booth when she raised her rates).

On the second cartoon the scale of the foot to the first figure, and between the first figure and the two smaller figures just looks wrong. It’s hard to tell if the second two figures are smaller than the first or are supposed to be farther away, and that throws off the scale of the descending foot to seem less imposing than it might.

The gag on the third cartoon somehow seems incomplete. It’s hard to tell if the punchline is being directed to the figure being shaken (a sarcastic remark) or if the figure is somehow extolling the virtue of the shake-o-matic.

Please take these as constructive criticisms; that is at least the intent.

Thanks for the critique, but the second image you’re talking about, the foot is supposed to be big, as if impying a giant.

anymore comments?

updated the site, hey does anyone know where i can get a cheap, (10-30$US) watcom tablet, maybe you guys/gals have one that is laying around not used?

wait isnt it a wacom tablet?

good luck finding a wacom for that much mate, you’ll need to shell out a conisderable amount more than that for a wacom…

yah i know, i just found out that i couldnt find a used one for under 30$ crazy, i went to a flea market and found one, just under 15$ for a broken surface! “I was like even the broken ones are expensive…”