Cartoonized Me

Hey guys,

ATM I’m working on a new Character to act as my new Portfolio-Avatar, which actually shall be a cartoonized/stylized me. I’m planning to do the Rig next week to pose it for some fancy stills. I attached several shots of the Viewport, since I’m still adjusting the materials for Cycles.

One question at this Point:
Does anybody of you know about a fancy way to create a cartoonish skin-shader?
I’m just fiddling with some combined mixed nodes using diffuse, glossy, velvet and fresnel.

Now the Pictures:

C&C is welcomed!

This is great:)

Great stuff.
One need a good portion of irony and self humor to do this.
I should do that too. Everyone in the forum should do it and in the end we take a “class picture” :wink:

Irony and self humor helps a lot and I find out it’s a great way to learn how you are percepted by other people.
I’m definitely in for a class picture :slight_smile:

But nude threads eh!

I love it :slight_smile: hey I’m up for a class picture too ;D

LOL we could make like a competition to see who makes the best version of themselves. +1 for class pic. :slight_smile:

I like the model too.

funny!! ive done a 3D version of myself but for a more adventure short. i never thought of cartoonizing myself… i may try it once im done with my other things :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest guys. I’ll keep this up-to-date :slight_smile:

I finished unwrapping the model. As you can see, there’re small areas showing some stretching, but I don’t care about such a small amount. Next Step will be Rigging. Stay tuned!

Halo, Rhunecke!
Can you show marked seams? At least portrait…

There are no Seams in the Front/Portrait. The Head is seperated from the shirt. There is one Seam from the Neck to the Top of the Head and one small Seam below the Chin. The Hair is seperated too and was done the same way, as you can see. (it’s the upper left part of the unwrap, above the face)

A-ah… I can see