Cartoons vs realistic

Im new to blender. Everytime i attempt to create my own model it always ends out more cartoonish. How can i get my model to look more realistic? If someone could post some tutorials that can help with realistic modeling, that would be great.

i am new to blender as well, but i have seen in my days of looking around at more skilled blender’ers often put picture of what they want to model in blender as a sort of outline to help keep it proportionate and such. hope this helps

I wouldn’t worry just yet, it takes a lot of time to be good at modeling in blender. My first bunch of models were very cartoonish (and still some of them are). But two things you need to make a realistic looking model is good texture and light/shading.

Not only the experience with the tool, but also knowledge about the subject is essential to create realistically looking render. By time you will become better and your works will be more realistic each time. Just train.

It’s because you need to understand lighting and specular shading better. Once you start understanding that it becomes clearer how to make nice renders. Give it time, learning is fun.

k thanks guys. But are there any great modeling tutorials?

Yes. For organic modeling, the Adrianna tutorial is a classic for faces(scroll all the way down), and Joan of Arc for complete characters(not Blender specific, but easy enough to follow). For hard surface modeling, 608 bearing(navigate to 3D Graphics, Tutorials, 608 Bearing) is fast becoming a classic, as is Serenity (like Joan of Arc, not written for Blender, but possible to follow). For architecture, building a house part 1, 2 and 3would be a great choice.

I myself dont have a full understanding of blender i suggest tutorials it helps