cartoony alien animation

here’s an animation of my alien from THIS THREAD.

it’s not much, but it shows more than just a walk cycle.


heyy. thats pretty cool. don’t worry if you think he moves awkwardly… i would move awkwardly too if I was an alien dropped from the sky. hahah. cool project.

that was sweet…he pauses to long after he falls…the gun doenst fall fast enough…it would be funny if the gun fell of his head and the alien got knocked out or somthing…

good job

cool ! :slight_smile:
great job! looks like you’ve got that thing rigged nicely :smiley:

well, minor things like a vector blur, and also make the actions a bit quicker (looks kindof underwaterish)

some more animation test; might use this final shot in something later on.

used the path and slide bones for the run, and just animated normally for the climb over the fence part.

Nice! Really nice animation! Greate model too! I think just “timing” of actions could be better… think’s go slowly and too systematic… anyway, your animation is good, very good! Keep it up!