Cartoony Character - Updated Jan. 14/02

Hi all. Since my beast model is on my home comp, I decided to start something at work today. Seeing as I am so busy :wink:

Anyway, here it is:

Will start on head in a bit. This is about 1 Hours worth of modelling thus far.


cool, needs some work on the hands though.

Really good job so far, i really want to see the head and facial area and see who he is.
He looks a little superheroish to me, or antisuperheroish, so how about a logo or initial on his chest? Are you going to mask him as well? I think that would look super sweet!!! :wink:
Anywayz, great start man, cant want to to see the updates!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

oh well…

I like great funny modeled comic characters,
looks indeed as a nice start !!!

hmm, an idea, why not make the feets a bit bigger !???

that would make it more funny looking, IMO

cool BgDM !

Thanks for the comments guys. Here is an update with the start of the head. Heads are damn hard to model. :expressionless:


great start, but the head is too much looking like oh-see-what-i’ve-extruded-out-of-a-cube… i hope you know what i mean :-?


Yeah, I know what you mean. I will try and fix it. I suck at heads, so using a cube is the easiest way for me to do it. I want a sort of chiselled look, but not too square. I am going for the good looking facial expressions, but with the unkept body type, (if you know what I mean).

Thanks for the crit @ndy.


Ha! Thats funny!
Great start.

Waiting for updates :smiley:

Coming along nicely
Please, please make a short ballet animation with him, that’d be sooo funny :D.

  1. pofo

HAHA! I actually had a tootoo (<sp?), on this guy earlier today. Looked pretty funny. I got rid of it though. Maybe I will put it back on.



Veri nice, but head is somewhat unsatisfactory, yes, Nose is the best part of it, very interesting.

Keep it up


Well, here is a small update. Hopefully the head looks better. It does to me anyway.

Let me know. On to doing some hair and accessories.


Another update:

Hair added. Now for some ears and scenery.


Looks good, but maybe bigger feet and more spread legs (why does that sound wrong :-? :wink: ?)

I wonder if this is what elvis presley would have turned into if he had chosen to be a superhero? Note the hair style.

how bout some burly chest hairs - would look great that way especially with the tootoo! :wink:

Feet are bigger in latest incarnation. Aslo scaled down the arms and hands. Just didn’t seem to fit.

I was going for the Elvis hairstyle. Thanks. I might just add the cape now. :smiley:

Coming up. Wait unitil tomorrow.

Thanks for the feedback.