Cartoony Effect in Blender!

Hello everybody,

Recently I have realised how awesome the cartoon style is! So I have been wondering if there are out tutorials on creating cartoony textures (Not sure but I think textures have only colors and no real-world textures included) and also how to create cartoony sinulations ( fires , water , explosions ). No idea about the second one.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You can achieve this with different approaches:

  1. you simply use materials in the internal engine or cycles which only use very plain, brigth and contrasted colours if you are looking for an effect such as in Toy story, also use reflection to create some “over the top” experience, your lighting set up can be more artificial and less realistic for the basic setting. Using simplified forms and models which are more symbolic also can help (think clip art, look at clip arts in google pictures to get the idea). I think you can use textures and displacement etc. as long as it is not going to create this realistic looks breaking your cartoon approach
  2. you can use the cel shading / toon shading approach. For the internal engine there is a toon shader setting in the diffuse materials (instead of the default lambert one), there is a 6min tut on CGCookie from David Ward telling you how to set this up quickly. I do not know how this is mirrored in Cycles, though, but if you want to mix, you can use the internal engine and Cycles alongside by using separate scenes and mix them in the compositor (there is tuts on that as well). Cycles is physics based, not sure if you can drag it back to those non-physics shaders… Look at cgcookie for tip toon shader, I am not yet allowed to post links as I am new to this forum ;-))
  3. If you want 2d cartoon style animations I recommend to use flash animations instead, here the process is completely different, but best to use 2d tools for 2d work.

It depends on what you mean by ‘cartoony.’ This has been interpreted as meaning ‘similar to hand-drawn’ by other responders, but I take a different approach.

For me, ‘cartoony’ starts in the modeling phase. I take a more-or-less surreal approach, exaggerating features of the objects I build or mashing things together you wouldn’t find in real life… like chess pieces with arms, and facial features or a baseball bat with legs and a mustache. How about a chessboard on the inside of a coffee cup?

Then in texturing, if I do any texturing, I start with reference images and layer on traced textures. Then I toss the original references and make them tileable. I did a series of animal hide textures this way, cowhide, pigskin and horsehide, for a bunch of characters based on various ball types.

For labels, I either hand-draw them or do them in Illustrator. The latter I’ll then ‘mess up’ so they look less real-world before converting to transparent TIFFs.

Lastly, for things such as rock walls, brick structures or any kind of floor/ground tiles, I start with the free version of Genetica.

Hope this helps… or at least gives you some ideas for exploration.