Cartoony Face Modeling?

Hello folks. I’m an animator thats finally decided to make the switch from mc animations to plain cartoons. Only one problem… I have no experience in modeling. So my question is how exactly would one go about making a cartoony head/face? I’m trying to go for a bit of a low poly Team Fortress 2 esque design if that helps. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Modeling is a process that will take time to get used to. If your an animator as you say, then you know that the topology of the model must be efficient in order to produce a smooth result. I suggest you start learning the basics of navigating in blender and get comfortable with that first(unless you already know). After that start with a block out shape, or a base mesh. Once you get that down you can start to work on the face/head of any character. Here are possibly a few videos that can help and give you an idea of how the process works:

That helps a lot! Thanks! =)