Cartoony Sheep

Hi, i’m modeling a sheep for an animation but it ain’t looking right to me, the face and body are ok, but the legs are too strange, I don’t know if they’re too short or what, just that there’s something wrong.

and I also need a second opinion about the character as a whole. What do you think of it? What is not right and what should be changed?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi, it’s a nice model. How did you do the “fur” ?
Yes, arms and legs are odd, I would cover them with fur as well, on 50 or 60 % about.
Maybe enlarging the foot too. I also think the legs and arms are a bit long…
Few modifications and you’ll be ok I think.

The whool’s made on particle system, on the children panel select faces, select the kink/branch button - select curl ---- on the visualization panel put the steps and render on 4 or 5… play around till you get something nice :smiley:

good model, but for the big test - I see you made the normal T pose for character creation. You have a four legged animal. Let’s see it on four legs. (unless two legged walking sheep was your intention, which also makes for an interesting animation)

two legged walking sheep was actuallymy intetion hehe

I just did some modifications, uoloading a few images do you can see the resoult

I’m more satisfied with it, though some changes may be done…

Please tell me what you guys think of it…

Thanks a lot!

hahahahahaha i love it.

I’ve been making a sheep animation myself, you can see it here:

I’d be grateful if you’d post a blenderfile of your sheep, so I can take a look at your hair settings.

Thanks Sycosys

I love this sheep.

Your style reminds me of a cartoonist called Gary Larson.

Top sheep!


thanks, i’ll check this Gary Larson cartoons

he’s got some nice cartoons!!

What are you bumping for? Do you need help on something? The sheep is nice, but I agree with simonced, the arms and legs need work, they look like scaled cylinders. I think overall his shape is too fat, he looks quite wobbly, like a bowling pin to me. If you want more advice show us a wireframe, or some poses, or ask a direct question. People tend to respond more that way.

What about my request for the blendfile?