Carve Boolean Windows Build


has posted a windows build with the carve library at GraphicAll.

Much appreciated. No problems with it so far, light testing in the WC.

Hopefully do some serious testing this coming week.

I wish Blender had better boolean functions, what is this lib expected to do?

…better boolean calculations, obviously.

I know this lib because of a plugin for Wings 3D which uses it; I must say that it works very well: output meshes have a really clean topology, way better than standard Blender booleans.

Cant believe this thread got bumped back up. Great to see it in 2.5 though.

any good description of what 's coming up ?

would be nice to see any improvement on this boolean modfiier ?

happy 2.5

It was certainly usefull in 2.49. While still not brillient, it gave a different sollution to standard blender booleans. I have learnt over the years to try and manage without them, but they can save lots of time.
Ive just tried the carve build from graphicall, and as far as I can tell its not actually implimented yet. Unless I havent fount the correct panel or something.
Since the cia,s been down Im a bit behind on developements.

wel if there are some new functions i’d like to tet theses on some model for wing airplane i;m trying

anew good boolean operator would be nice to check this model i guess

hope to see it soon !

happy 2.5