Carving Bunny(with making of)

hey there everybody… Happy Easter to all :slight_smile:

“Carving Bunny”
500 Samples
3 hours render time

Thank you :eyebrowlift2:


A striking image! I love the colors!!! Even, if i think, that the smaller version is better.

Outstanding still! Your choice of colors and composition really makes the image visually interesting. Good work!

A fantastic piece of composition, color, creativity, and technical quality, very nice overall.

Now if it was only a little bigger (the shot for the thread thumbnail is larger even).

Good idea, good work, I love it.

Wow looks amazing really nice work on the smoke was that done in blender

Thank you everyone…

@Ace_Dragon you mean this image is small? hehehe right click on image----> view image----> Boom :stuck_out_tongue:

@HogtheComputer lol smoke is the only part that i didn’t make in blender… i composed it afterwards :slight_smile:

Beautifully done. I’m curious on what approach you took for the egg carving?

A very original composition. Beautiful colours and perfect ejecution. I love it.

Very nice! I love everything about it. :slight_smile:

Great picture. 5 stars.

Thank you guys… :slight_smile: i’v added making video of this art work… check out…


Awesome work Nita…loved the little making of too:) Like the others have said the soft color and the detail is what strikes me the most. Great idea and great execution! Hope to see more. Happy Blending!

Thanks @DerekG1080 :slight_smile:

Happy Blending