carving out of a mesh (booleans) or modelling tech

Does anyone know how I could carve out of a mesh? booleans doesn’t appear to work (just says internal error)

or, if there is another way to do this, let me know.

I am trying to … “engrave” something in a ring.

I need it fairly deep, and bump mapping isn’t what I want. (needs more detail than nor mapping can do)

the problem is, I have the engraving as bezier curves and I have the ring already made (I suppose I can re-do it if need be)

if I border the bezier curves (so the curves become holes instead of solids) then I convert it to a mesh

then I extrude the whole mesh so it becomes solid (with the engraving as holes)

now it is a flat rectangle with all holes in it (which is, so far what I want)

now I need to do two things

assume that I am facing the text from front view
from the side view I need it to look like an oval
and from the top view, I need it to “warp” around until it is a circle (a ring)

If I try to do either of these things bad stuff happens. and what I mean by that is…

if I try to warp it, because the border of the ring has only 8 vertices (like a cube)

anyone have any ideas? keep in mind I need it to be rounded not a rectangle from side view. (as a ring’s profile is not square, its kinda oval)

U may try TextOnCurve (F9 pannel) ; it curve on XY but on XZ it is :frowning:

Unfortunately, I need the text to be a hole, rather than a solid

oh, and I have tried using lattices with the same bad effect.

:-? try Lattice
Warp SHIFT+W (editMode)

or ^^

Have you seen this?:


i…could…just…cry… :slight_smile:

thanks heaps mate :slight_smile: