carying props ?? , < How >

Hi & let’s say this character want to hold a bucket , a cloth , … etc etc

after seeing animating with blender DVD , i saw Jim rig carrying a blender , the tilt of the blender was caluclated automatically , how ?

also , is it possible to make the object a cloth ?

thanks .

How about parenting your object to a empty and then parenting the empty to a bone in the hand ?

I have never actually done this, but I imagine I would use a ‘child of’ constraint and make a driver for it, so if you switch it on, the objects jumps to the position in the hand where it was when you created the constraint. Just brainstorming though, I am not at home at the moment so I can’t test it out…

Was just kinda playing around with this, it took a little bit of playing around to get everything just right. Had to play with the constraint’s set offset a bit and I had to parent to a bone in the had that didn’t have a constraint on it. The blender wiki for this constraint: mentions something about using the set offset with all other constraints disabled. So I’m not too sure how well it works with other constraints, that’s why I parented to a bone without constraint. See attached file.



ChildOf.blend (366 KB)

In that case it would likely be best to use a combination of both methods - parent an empty to the hand bone, then child of constrain the object to that empty. That way no matter what your bone setup is the target object will not have any constraints on it.

Great idea!!

@FeelGoodComics: Do you ever stop thinking??? :wink:

haha, I suppose I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I ever did :slight_smile: