Cascadeur Final

Final version of my animation exercise. Rendered with a combination of Eevee and Cycles.
I used Eevee for rendering as it is very fast and has sufficient quality but wanted to have some motion blur. Eevee motion blur uses only camera motion but does no object motion. I tried to render with Cycles motion blur but blender 2.80 crashed regularly after some frames. Fortunately, Cycles has a second type of motion blur: render a vector pass and use a vector blur filter in the compositor! Faster and more stable.
Finally, I used a render set up with 2 scenes:

  • one standard scene with Eevee render
  • one scene with Cycles only vector+depth pass, material override, 1 sample, no denoising
  • combination of both outputs in the compositor
    Render time about 8 sec per frame Full HD

The idea is cool, but there is something weird with the timing when the guy is in the air.

Probably, needs some fine tuning. I had an estimate for the ballistic time in the air but guessed rotation speed. Have to look at some parkour movies.