Cascadeur like animation

Jump like a hero - my first try:

Rendered with Eevee.

Did you see the videos about the new Cascadeur tool for character animation?

Absolutely amazing. I have very little experience with animations but this video gave me a push to try out something similar with Blender.
Starting point was a bouncing ball (rigid body) simulation to get a reference for timing and center of gravity.

I used a ManuelBastioniLab character with minimal FK armature. The root bone was moved to the center of gravity (CG). I did a first animation round with the body just following the CG of the ball. In the second round I animated the legs. In the third rounds I did the upper body and arms.
The character jumps way to high more like a super hero. Next step will be to get a more realistic jump height and adding some flips. An IK rig might help.
Stay tuned for the next version.

Next iteration: I added IK to the legs after viewing some Blender Cloud videos. The character is doing forward and backward flips:

Good practice.

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Nice work, This is awesome!! animation is sooo hard!