Cascadeur: physics-based animation software

looks realy cool! Some of these ideas are great for blender

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Looks neat… I wonder what the import model requirements are?

Looks amazing. I wonder if it is as easy as it looks or is it like one week setup time before it works?

That looks awesome, I’ve been waiting for this kind of thing to come to animation software packages for a while now.

Any clue what kind of hardware/OS this will run on? The website doesn’t mention anything, I’d have liked to know before I register for the beta program.

I hardly dare to hope … but what a real utter total awesomeness would it be if there were a Linux version …

Holy smokes… I’ve been waiting my entire career for this. It’s like it boils down animation in to just the fun parts!

I just signed up for the Beta! I’ll see what happens!

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I just watched the two trailers (admittedly without audio) and I must be some kind of dumb dumb because I am sitting here wondering when the physics part kicks in. The day needs to end so I can go home and watch this with audio.

I was trying to google about this software and found this article:

Also found this on Youtube:

I bet it won’t be free, Blender needs to wait for years for another open source counterparts.

Did any one get to test the software!!

I got my Beta download link today! Gonna try it out tonight when I get home. So excited!

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How’s it going?

I visited theyr forum and there was a question if RHEL/ CentOS support is planned or Ubuntu be the only option.
A reply of an official over there just reads:
“We did not test it - does it not launch?”
Now please draw your conclusions…

Oh, cool. Just received an email with the download links. Gotta play with it tonight.

the idea seems like ragdoll meets animation, this needs of realtime physics, realtime physics was a tread time ago, but was forgoten.

AFAIK Blender had already the capability of baking from Bullet physics to animation, Can this be done with current Blender, even if the interface is maybe not so polished?

What do you mean? Baking out a physics simulation to keyframes? Then this is something else. It’s more about to do the tweening between keyframes on physically correct paths rather than straight point to point.

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You are right.

Its more about my hunch that somehow, maybe with the right scripting or maybe in the past version that had the game engine, we could achieve something similar using Bullet (maybe pybullet) and Blender.

I don’t have any reason to think a smart enough code wizard couldn’t make it happen. Maybe one day someone will have interest in doing so.


I hope everyone who received a beta invitation realizes the EULA which comes with it states clearly one must not share or publish any information about the service or one’s opinion about it, exept at places specified by them.
So no talk about it over here anyway, for now.

greetings, Kologe

We already had that situation and we are aware of that. But thanks for mentioning it.