Case House

This is another scene from the past that I did in pen and ink. I have a few hours in it so far.

Here is todays progress.

I had a hemi light pointed at the bottom of the ground plane that created problems with the grass color, it took me a day to figure that out.

That progress from the second to third is image is amazing. Can’t wait to see it finished.

good work … keep going …

Thanks EFX. Sawxy, I definately intend to:P

I was out of town this weekend, so very little change today.

Todays progress.

I am still deciding where the focal point should be.

I switched over to cycles for this render, because the whole point of my last few scenes is to learn more about blender than just modeling and texturing.

now that looks nice!

Nice. That bucket gives it an ominous look.

Looking good so far…

The brown grass near the bottom of the frame kind of hints at an often traveled path. It might be cool to give it a more trampled look.

Btw, I’m curious what the buckets for? (We have all sorts of things like that placed here and there at our ranch.) :slight_smile:

I think the cycles switchover made the image look very nice, just one question, did you use hair rendering for the grass?

Thanks for the comments. PolygonPusher, the bucket was placed in the scene when I did a drawing of this years ago to add interest to the grass.

Nearing, yes I used hair rendering.

In this render I only increased the tip thickness, and decreased the bottom thickness, and lowered the bucket into the grass, but I lost most of my green in the grass.

Looking amazing. I would say to shrink the size of the leaves on the trees and add more of them, their proportion in the scene seems off. Maybe dirty and variate the brick texture. It almost looks TOO clean in comparison to the roof.

I tried a different direction with this scene, and I prefer it to the original.