Casebre - Toonkit For Cycles Sample

This is a sample scene to be included in the next release of Toonkit for Cycles. This was produced only in blender and the post process was made with composite.

This is based on the original model available in blendwap:


Well since you didnt aim for Photo realism i would say this is a pretty solid render.

But there are a few Problems. For one the Colors. There are just no enough Colors and the Scene looks really flat and unprofessional.

Another problem is that the scene is very boring. There are no Easter eggs or literary anything note worthy. I mean yes, we as 3D Artist would say “Yes that looks good and you have done the Lighting really good” but a normal Person would say “Nice. And also Boring”.
So work on that.

Hi Mr_Science.
You’re probably right about everything but since i’m not a artist i can’t be sure about it. This was made only to show the Toonkit capabilities of rendering NPR images. I’m sure good artists will make a much better work trough :wink: