Hi guys :smiley:

I wanted to do a picture more possible realistic without using pictures or the uv mapping.
So, only modeling and procedurals or plugins textures.

Blender internal render without AO (because AO is not good with transparent material :-?).

Comments or critics are welcomes !

bye @+

Excellent. Just goes to show you how much can be done with just procedurals.

I must say that I like the glass ashtray most of all.

exactly my thought! I wanted to post that but I had to go. good job.

Excellent work! :o Very realistic!

The materials especially the glass look very convincing. The only problem is that you make the cigar look way too clean.

Thank-you guys! :smiley:

I know that the ashtray is too clean but, I not be able to do realistic ashes…for the moment :wink:

We can make a lot of work only with procedurals textures…Some people do not believe it.

bye @+

Great job. I love procedurals :smiley: It’s great to see someone else trying to do something with strictly procedurals :smiley:

I only use procedurals a lot of the time as well. Though I do use an image texture if I need bricks and tiles.