Casio Watches

(alexandr samson) #1

Here’s a small portion of a bigger project of character creation.
Made within couple of weeks, rendered in Cycles. A post proccesing touch in photoshop:)
You can purchase a model here if you like: click
The model is rigged too. You can see wires and rig example in this link too.
Hope you like it!

(Niloofar) #2

Good work.

(NID Graphics) #3

Very impressive work!

(reynante) #4

I almost have been desensitized looking at product and watch renders but after seeing this one, I digress. It has got this simple and toonish style to it which I think makes it really attractive.

Great job, sir! :slight_smile:

  • Reyn

(ShadowCamero) #5

Great job! I really like it. :slight_smile:

(alexandr samson) #6

Thanks, everybody!
I am really glad tat you like it:)
Hope that the final project will be as good

(SpaceC) #7

Pure awesomeness. Really. You just nailed the lighting, the background and dial.

(alexandr samson) #8

Thank you, SpaceC