Ive just started my first (not exactly first but first important ) work in blender. Im learning character animation, and wanted to make a character to do some ( more complex ) tests on it :).
This character will be some kind of cast-away, a shipwrecked person, wearing damaged and dirty clothes etc.
He is an old ( granddaddy ), but very lively, snappy man, also very wise. this is my small reference:

and this is what I did :-? :slight_smile: : ( and updated: )

Now I`m working on it, trying to make it more cartoony.
I will make some updates soon.

PS. I`m sorry for my mistakes in english :expressionless:

Pretty good job on the modelling. If you are making this for animating you might want to put toes on him.

It looks good! :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s looking pretty good! Just 2 crits:

  1. His eye doesn’t seem to fit in the lids/socket right. Either position the eye better or close up the eye opening a bit.

  2. His hands look a bit small. Typically from the heel of the hand to finger-tip is as long as the head is tall.

The toe thing has already been mentioned but other than that its looking pretty good.

little update, what do you think?